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        Visit website | call us at 7274613477
        Avoid Brand Damaging Recalls.  Strengthen Your Food Safety Plan.

        Douglas Machines Corp. is a leading container washing and sanitizing systems provider to the Food Industry, with innovative solutions industry-built to address your unique needs.

        Discover how to implement food safety compliance, lessen risk, save time, streamline manpower, grow revenue by reducing costs and increasing productivity.
        With over 80 models to choose from, we have an effective solution to meet your food processing/manufacturing requirements and budget. Ask about our standard and new custom racks designed to help effectively and efficiently clean your containers, tools and equipment.

        Built in the USA, Douglas Washing and Sanitizing Systems quickly and efficiently clean containers of various sizes and shapes for the Food Industry.  Benefit from our knowledge and profit from our experience.

        Vendor Showcase

        Douglas Model  1536-SPW

        Douglas Model 1536-SPW

        Developed in cooperation with manufacturers of multihead weighers, the Douglas Model
        1536-SPW is designed to quickly and efficiently wash, rinse and sanitize scale buckets, weigh hoppers, chutes and feeder pans. Specialized wash racks can be loaded at the weigh station and transported to the washer for easy cleaning. Racks are available for all types and sizes of scales and are designed to protect the parts during cleaning and extend their lifetime. Installed on the mezzanine or used in a centralized wash room, this machine will make quick work of the toughest cleaning assignments. Turnaround time is significantly reduced because the buckets and feeder pans of most 12 head scales can be cleaned in just one wash/rinse cycle of only 6 minutes! Available with electric, infrared gas or steam booster heating, this model also features a push button control and information center that incorporates a digital display to monitor key performance functions and make the machine easy to operate and service. For 14 to 20 head scales ask for information about the larger Douglas Model 2554-SPW which has 50% more capacity.
        Summary of Benefits:
        ? Develops a standard operating procedure
        ? Produces consistent results time after time
        ? Saves water, labor and energy
        ? Minimizes turnaround time
        ? Cleans and sanitizes in one step
        ? Extends parts life
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